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    Trigger Hunter

    What happens when you get tired of your internal triggers day-in and day-out hunting you?

    You become a Trigger Hunter.

  • The Story of Becoming a Trigger Hunter

    SPARK 135 (Matrix Code: SPARK135.00 for StartOver.xyz game.)

    DISTINCTION: God did not rest on the seventh day.

    Copyleft 2021 by Clinton Callahan. Creative Commons BY SA International 4.0 License. Please share this SPARK.

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    NOTES: This may be one of those SPARKs that seems a bit weird for your Box to wrestle with right now. If so, fine. Store it away in your mind for later use. On the other hand, this SPARK could be a game-changer for you. I am betting on the latter.


    Did you ever notice how, even after years of personal development work, learning to be Centered, getting okay with your parents, taking Radical Responsibility for your life, Observing Yourself, etc., there are still times when you feel exhausted, cranky, depressed, overwhelmed, or self-destructive, seemingly for no reason at all? You may think that if you could just solve some vague problem these states would go away. But they don’t. They return mysteriously over and over again. Did you ever have that? Do you know someone else like that who sneaks off and hides out without explanation?


    This SPARK suggests that perhaps these states do not originate in a childhood trauma which will vanish if treated with an Emotional Healing Process. Something entirely different could be at work here, something about which modern culture offers few useful distinctions.


    This SPARK presents the Theory of Parasitic Entities and the possibility of becoming a Trigger Hunter.


    If we used the Christian creation story as our metaphor here, then we world say: God did NOT rest on the seventh day. The implication is: not all life forms in the galactic food web have physical bodies. Some are dissipative structures, that is, structures that are sustained by energy flowing through them (such as a tornado, a memory, or a culture). This was described by Ilya Prigogine, a Belgian physical chemist, in his Theory of Dissipative Structures, which incidentally won him the Nobel Prize in 1977.


    Spinning a vortex in the General Field of Consciousness can create a ‘consciousness singularity’, some of which sustain themselves by sucking energy out of organic life forms, such as you. Each of us creates a Survival Strategy to help us survive our childhood. Often a Survival Strategy has the intention of self-disempowerment. Why? Because, if you have too much energy you might use it to change something around in your life. Your Survival Strategy (Box) freaks out thinking that if anything changes you won’t survive. Therefore, a very clever Survival Strategy is to remove your excess energy by attracting energetic vampire entities to come suck out your life-force in order to keep everything the same. After figuring out how to do this, you forget your brilliant achievement and the vampire disempowerment procedure continues unabated until today. Yes, you do survive, but you do not actually get to Live. This may be about to change for you.


    Start by assuming that your ‘feeling-awful’ state is the experience of being fed upon by energetic vampire entities. The ‘down’ state lasts until the entities gets full, burp, fall asleep, and release you. Then through sleep, sunlight, breathing, drinking water, exercising, and eating, your energy gradually returns, and the cycle must repeat.


    What we have discovered is that you open yourself as a Café by telling yourself a ‘Trigger Phrase’, a disempowering thought, which you validate by finding bits of evidence in the circumstances around you. Your story signals to the vampire entities that the Café is open. Then slurp, gulp, yummy-yummy, and during hours or days your energy is drained. The more you develop your Being, the tastier you look to hungry vampire entities.


    NOTE: Alcohol is a trigger that quickly and thoroughly calls an alcohol entity to feed on you. One sniff of alcohol is trigger enough (see the film Flight with Denzel Washington), but the alcohol thing is a different SPARK (SPARK 017).


    Some Trigger Phrases we have so far discovered are: I am missing out. I am alone. You have abandoned me. I am not useful. I am nobody special to anyone. My joy is gone. She doesn’t really love me. They get to do it and I don’t. You exclude me. You get to express your feelings but I don’t. You think I am stupid. I don’t fit in. It is all too much. The fun is over. I cannot protect myself. I’m not good enough. It is hopeless. I am powerless. I only cause pain for people. Do you recognize any of these?


    When you say a Trigger Phrase to yourself in your mind, it rings out like a dinner bell, calling in vampire entities. Your Trigger Phrase is your incantation to call in entities for a free lunch at your ‘heart, mind, and neck’ buffet.


    As you navigate bigger projects it becomes more and more important to close the entities’ lunch bar in order to use your energy to create your destiny. The time to close your entity Café may be now. If so, the entities already know this. Don’t worry. They will not starve. There are plenty of sleepwalkers around they can use for food. It may not be as tasty for them… but they will not starve.


    EXPERIMENT: NOTE: This Experiment has 3 Phases: Become A Trigger Hunter, Close The Café, and Become A Professional.


    SPARK135.01 PHASE 1: BECOME A TRIGGER HUNTER Your greatest success will be capturing your first Trigger Phrase. Until you track down and capture your first Trigger Phrase, do not read PHASE 2. To catch a Trigger Phrase, stay in the joyful present for weeks on end. Notice any moment you shift into your irritable, crushed, grouchy, depressive, alone-in-my-cave state. In that instant remember the sentence you thought just before your mood shift. That is your Trigger Phrase! Write it down IMMEDIATELY in the back of your Beep! Book. The intense mixed emotions that get triggered and surge through your veins make you believe that the Trigger Phrase is true. But it is not true. It is a story. You probably have 15 to 20 Trigger Phrases. AFTER CAPTURING AT LEAST 10 TRIGGER PHRASES IN YOUR BEEP! BOOK, register your Matrix Code at StartOver.xyz, then read PHASE 2. Arrange with a Spaceholder to accompany you in this next Experiment.


    SPARK135.02 PHASE 2: CLOSE THE CAFÉ Identifying the exact wording of the Trigger Phrases you use to call in parasitic entities gives you the option of shutting down your Café. If you understand these words, you have gained the capacity to change your entity feeding agreements.


    When you are ready to shut down your 24/7/365 ‘all-you-can-eat’ Entity Diner, the procedure for doing so is formal and goes exactly as follows. This works best if you are actually in the overwhelmed irritation mood that indicates a feeding is happening right now. Quickly contact a skilled Spaceholder for this process. (It would be smart to pre-arrange this so that a Spaceholder is ‘on call’ for you as their Client.)




    STAY STANDING. SLOWLY AND FIRMLY READ OUT LOUD THE FOLLOWING ITALICIZED WORDS TO YOUR CLIENT: Please sit down. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Put your Attention on your Energetic Center, then use your Intention to move your Energetic Center from wherever it is to your Physical center so that you Become Centered.


    SAY: Use your Clicker (meaning: snap your fingers once) to connect your Energetic Center to the center of the Earth with your Grounding Cord. Then click once again to Declare your Bubble Of Space. What color is your grounding cord? THEY MIGHT TELL YOU ANY COLOR. Thank you.


    SAY: Please take a deep breath. Now firmly say to the entities which are feeding on you, “Hello Parasitic Entities.”


    WAIT A FEW SECONDS WHILE THEY SAY IT, THEN ADD: Keep your attention on the entities while listening to me. It is usually a group of entities that becomes visible, although it could be just one, or the group may have a dominant leader. Stay in contact with the entities. Tell me what you see. LISTEN TO WHAT THEY TELL YOU.


    SAY: Now tell the entities, “For a long time I have been providing you with a regular meal of my life energy.”




    THEN SAY: Keep watching the entities while you listen to me. Usually the entities are anxious because you can see them, but they are listening to you.


    WAIT A FEW SECONDS, THEN SAY: Use your clicker to create an energetic Sword Of Clarity pointing at the throat of each entity, even if there are many. Click to make each Sword. You may look like a Hindu god with so many arms and Swords, but that is required now. There is no need to attack, only to attentively hold your swords at the entities’ throats and to stay present and attentive. Do not get distracted.


    SAY: Keep your Swords Of Clarity nearly touching their throats, and firmly say, “Up until now it was okay with me to feed you with my life energy. I wanted to do that.” WAIT A FEW SECONDS WHILE THEY SAY THIS.


    SAY: Now say, “But now I have learned new things and I have Changed My Mind.” WAIT A FEW SECONDS WHILE THEY SAY THIS.




    SAY: Firmly say, “This restaurant is now CLOSED! You may no longer feed here.” WAIT A FEW SECONDS WHILE THEY SAY IT.


    SAY: Keep your attention on the entities while you listen to me. There could be any kind of reaction right now. Mostly they will try to get you to fall back to sleep, to forget this conversation, to get distracted or confused, or to go into your head and experience disbelief. Don’t do any of these things. Stay in unwavering attentiveness towards all the entities. Keep your Swords at their necks. Watch what happens. PAUSE A MOMENT.


    SAY: The entities may be behind you, above you, or under you. They may move or stay still. Stay in the present. Stay centered. Keep breathing. Keep your Swords pointed at each one, but do not attack. Briefly tell me what you observe. LISTEN.


    SAY: Now ask the entities, “Do you have to compete with other vampire entities to get enough food for yourselves?” WAIT A FEW SECONDS THEN TELL YOUR CLIENT THE FOLLOWING: Keep your attention on the entities while listening to me. This is an amazing question to the entities, because on the one hand, you express care about their future wellbeing. On the other hand, they reveal to you that they are not afraid of starving. There is plenty to eat from sucking the life energy out of the many other available humans on Earth. They may be sad that they must go because you were a particularly tasty meal for them. But they already know it is a natural process for a human being to gain enough awareness to discover that the parasitic entities are there, and enough Conscious Will to decide to close the Café. Notice that the entities are okay with moving on. WAIT A FEW SECONDS.


    SAY: Take a deep breath and say these words, but not with anger or aggression, only with firm clarity about making your decision happen now, “Alrighty then! Out with you! Be gone! Leave the Café NOW! Skedaddle! Leave me now and never come back!” WAIT A FEW SECONDS.


    SAY: This is like talking to puppies or cockroaches. You may have to spray the last entity with Cockroach Spray to get him out. As the last entity goes out, shut and lock your Café door. Slide the bolt. Turn off the lights. Reverse the OPEN sign so it reads CLOSED. Turn out the neon sign. WAIT A FEW SECONDS.


    SAY: Take another deep breath. Stay fully alert. Scan what is happening outside the Café and briefly report this to me. LISTEN FOR A FEW SECONDS.


    SAY: Sometimes one or two of the entities hang around in front of your restaurant thinking you might change your mind. Stay resolute and be certain that your Café is now closed forever. WAIT A FEW SECONDS.


    SAY: When the entities have gone, take a deep breath. Keep your Swords at the ready position, and slowly open your eyes. WAIT A FEW SECONDS:


    SAY: This change is complete. Your Café is now closed. Thank your spaceholder.



    SPARK135.03 PHASE 3: BECOME A PROFESSIONAL From now on regard yourself as a Trigger Hunter. This has been the Initiation of taking Radical Responsibility for what you choose to feed with your Attention and energy. The Theory of Parasitic Entities could replace a lot of psychotherapy, brain drugs, hospitals, and prisons, perhaps even war.


    During the coming months stay alert. Keep your attention and your Beep! Book ready. Hunt for signs of Triggers. Any instant you start drifting into that exhausted, frustrated, passive-aggressive, overwhelmed, contracted state, find the Trigger Phrase. When you grab it, shout, “Gotcha!” Immediately write the exact wording on your list of TRIGGER PHRASES in your Beep! Book.


    If a familiar Trigger Phrase comes around again, even if it entices you with lots of evidence, call it by name: “You are a Trigger Phrase!” Redirect the energy of the Trigger Phrase to your Beep! Book list instead of letting it hook into your heart or your energetic body. Say, “I have got you already here in my Beep! Book! You have no power over me. The Café is closed! Go eat somewhere else!”


    Be sure to celebrate with other people each new Trigger Phrase you capture. Tell them what your Trigger Phrases are. Explain what was happening in your life when you first asked entities to suck out your energy. Ask your friends if they have captured any new Trigger Phrases lately. These are warrior and warrioress conversations… the kind you share as Legend Making victories.


    Keep hunting Trigger Phrases both in yourself and in others, and stay aware of the roving bands of hungry parasitic entities. Soon you will notice that since your Café is closed, entities pass you by without even bothering to knock anymore.


    Becoming a Trigger Hunter changes your self-image and adds exciting new dimensions to your life. Sometimes when you look into your own eyes in a mirror, or if someone asks you what you do, say, “I am a Trigger Hunter.” Then make a little smile as you scan the space for energetic vampire entities. The first time you say this out loud, please register this Matrix Code at StartOver.xyz.


    One Step at a Time... You Start Hunting Your Triggers